restricted access   Proceedings, No. 2, 1986

Table of Contents

Fifth International Congress
20-23 March 1986
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


pp. vii-viii

The Presidential Address

“Elvyssh by His Contenaunce”

pp. 3-14

The Biennial Lecture

Criseyde’s Choices

pp. 17-29

The Keynote Address

Chaucer and the Imagination

pp. 33-48

Chaucer and Contemporary Literary Theory

Todorov, Vinsauf, and Chaucerian Textuality

pp. 51-57

Bakhtin, Chaucer, Carnival, Lent

pp. 59-71

Deconstructing The Canterbury Tales: Pro

pp. 73-81

Deconstructing The Canterbury Tales: Con

pp. 83-91

Chaucer, History and Classical Tradition

Chaucer, the Customs, and the Hainault Connection

pp. 95-102

The Tale of Melibee and the Crisis at Westminster, November, 1387

pp. 103-112

The Fourth Temple of The Knight’s Tale: Athenian Clemency and Chaucer’s Theseus

pp. 113-125

Pandarus, Poetry, and Healing

pp. 127-133

Manuscripts and Language

“Good” and “Bad” Manuscripts: Texts and Critics

pp. 137-145

To Chaucer Through Middle English

pp. 147-155

Religion, Love, and Dante

Varieties of Religious Poetry in The Canterbury Tales: The Man of Law’s Tale and The Clerk’s Tale

pp. 159-167

“Al This Mene I Be Love”

pp. 169-177

Italy, Ars Memorativa, and Fame’s House

pp. 179-188

New Chaucer Society: Fifth International Congress

pp. 189-195


pp. 197-204