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From: The Americas

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Virtual Issue: Revolutions in Latin America

Revolution and Revolutionary Movements in Latin America: A Special Teaching and Research Collection of The Americas

pp. 3-12

Article from 1947

José Artigas

pp. 195-222

Article from 1950

The Social Reforms of San Martin

pp. 3-11

Article from 1953

The Contributions of Toussaint L'Ouverture to the Independence of the American Republics, 1776-1826

pp. 413-451

Article from 1963

Labor and the Theory of the Mexican Revolution Under Lázaro Cárdenas

pp. 158-199

Article from 1965

Woodrow Wilson's Use of the Non-Recognition Policy in Costa Rica

pp. 3-21

Article from 1972

Agrarian Precursors of the Mexican Revolution: The Development of an Ideology

pp. 131-150

Articles from 1974

Nineteenth Century Urban Labor Precursors of the Mexican Revolution: The Development of an Ideology

pp. 297-318

The Military and Political Aspects of the 1933 Cuban Revolution: The Fall of Machado

pp. 172-184

Article from 1976

The Guatemalan Military and the Revolution of 1944

pp. 524-543

Article from 1980

Women and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920

pp. 53-82

Articles from 1982

Indian Unrest in the Peruvian Sierra in the Late Nineteenth Century

pp. 449-462

The "Underside" of the Mexican Revolution: El Paso, 1912*

pp. 69-83

Article from 1984

The Role of Women in the Mexican Cristero Rebellion: Las Señoras y Las Religiosas

pp. 303-323

Articles from 1997

Cárdenas and the Caste war that Wasn't: State power and Indigenismo in post-Revolutionary Yucatán*

pp. 551-577

Information and Disinformation in late Colonial new Granada

pp. 167-184

Article from 1998

In Search of the Party: The Communist Party, the Comintern, and the Peasant Rebellion of 1932 in El Salvado*

pp. 204-239

Article from 2004

Building Liberal Identities in 19th-Century Madrid: The Role of Middle Class Material Culture
Jesús Cruz

Article from 2006

Beneficent Cinema: State Formation, Elite Reproduction, and Silent Film in Uruguay, 1910s-1920s
Christine Ehrick

Article from 2007

Traces, Images, and Fictions: Paul Strand in Mexico, 1932–34
James Krippner

Article from 2010

The Formation of a Post-Peronist Generation: Intellectuals and Politics in Argentina through the Lens of Contorno
Sebastián Carassai

Article from 2011

Latin America and the Question of Cuban Independence
Dalia Antonia Muller

Article from 2014

Catholic Action, the Second Vatican Council, and the Emergence of the New Left in El Salvador (1950–1975)
Joaquín M. Chávez