Volume 3, Number 3, April 2017

Table of Contents

The U.S. Labor Market During and After the Great Recession: Continuities and Transformations

pp. 1-19

Part I. Longer-Term Impact of the Great Recession on Workers and Firms

The Great Recession and Its Aftermath: What Role for Structural Changes?

pp. 22-49

Weathering the Great Recession: Variation in Employment Responses, by Establishments and Countries

pp. 50-69

Part II. Social Consequences of the Great Recession

Who Suffered Most from the Great Recession?: Happiness in the United States

pp. 72-99

Why Did People Move During the Great Recession?: The Role of Economics in Migration Decisions

pp. 100-125

Non-marital and Teen Fertility and Contraception During the Great Recession

pp. 126-144

Labor Unions and the Great Recession

pp. 145-165

Part III. Consequences of Long-Term Unemployment

Factors Determining Callbacks to Job Applications by the Unemployed: An Audit Study

pp. 168-201

The Changing Consequences of Unemployment for Household Finances

pp. 202-221

The Emotional Toll of Long-Term Unemployment: Examining the Interaction Effects of Gender and Marital Status

pp. 222-244