restricted access   Volume 8, Number 1, April 2017

Table of Contents

Guest Editors' Introduction

The 1,400th Anniversary of Wŏnhyo's Birth: A Special Issue

pp. 5-7

Special Issue: The 1,400th Anniversary of Wŏnhyo’s Birth

Human Nature and Buddha Nature in Wŏnhyo

pp. 9-29

Towards a Buddhist Ethics of Emptiness: Wŏnhyo on Transgression and Repentance in the Mahayana Repentance of the Six Senses

pp. 31-46

Wŏnhyo's View of This World

pp. 47-62

The Meaning of the Explicit and Inexplicit Approaches in Wŏnhyo's System of the Two Hindrances (Ijang ŭi 二障義)

pp. 63-91

Kingship as "Dharma-Protector": A Comparative Study of Wŏnhyo and Huizhao's Views on the Golden Light Sutra

pp. 93-129

Wŏnhyo: Buddhist Commentator Par Excellence

pp. 131-160

Research Articles

The Re-Invention of Korean Sŏn Buddhism in the Late Chosŏn: Paekp'a Kŭngsŏn and His Three-Fold Chan Taxonomy

pp. 161-183

Cardinal Sou-hwan Kim's Spirituality and Confucian Cultural Context: How Hybrid is Kim's Confucian-Christian Spirituality?

pp. 185-220

Book Review

Korean Religions in Relation: Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity ed. by Anselm K. Min (review)

pp. 221-226