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Readers Respond

The Occupation at 50

Still Immoral, Still Stupid: Let's End 50 Years of Israel's Occupation of the West Bank—One Person/One Vote

What the Collapse of the Two-State Solution Means for Palestinian and Israeli Nationalism

50 Years Later—How the Occupation Evolved and the Answer to its Growth

The United States and Israel: An Alliance or a Protection Racket?

Atzma'ut 69, Occupation 50: Does That Add Up?

Is "Land for Peace" Legitimate?: Reflections on the Six-Day War, 50 Years Later

It's Time to Put Our Privileged Jewish Bodies on the Line

The Occupation At 50: A Palestinian Perspective

Which Side Are You On, My People?: Ending American Jewish Support for the Occupation

Palestinians Perpetually Participating

A Blessing in the Midst of the Earth

It's the Occupation, Stupid! (If that is the answer, what is the question?)


Finding Nonviolence in Jerusalem: The Palestinian Boycott of Jerusalem Municipal Elections Since 1967

50 Years of Israel Imposing a One-State "Solution"

When Land is God

Israel, Palestine, and the Language of Genocide

A Lifeline to the Values We Hold Sacred

At 50 We Dare Not Give Up

When Anti-Zionism Becomes Anti-Semitism and Zionism Becomes Anti-Palestinian

Born Into Occupation, Fighting for Basic Human Rights

50 Years of Occupation: Working Principles for Where We Go from Here

BDS is the Peace Talks

The Threat of BDS


Where Do We Begin?

Why My Jewishness Compels Me to Stand for Justice in Palestine

Forget Solutions, We Are the Problem


From: Untitled Poems

A Fish Story: Found in The NY Times, 2007

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