restricted access   Volume 73, Number 4, June 2017

Table of Contents

The Unique Patroness: Louise Hanson-Dyer’s Letters to the Library of Congress, 1936–1952

pp. 631-657

From Budapest to Florida—and Back: The Journey Taken by Ernst von Dohnányi’s American Legacy

pp. 658-672

An Archive and a Collection of Rare Music Scores: The William Crawford III Collections

pp. 673-697

Notes for Notes

pp. 698-702

Book Reviews

Sociology of Singing

Singing and Wellbeing: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Proof by Kay Norton (review)

pp. 703-705

Singing Games in Early Modern Italy: The Music Books of Orazio Vecchi by Paul Schleuse (review)

pp. 705-707

Meaning of Music

The Sea in the British Musical Imagination ed. by Eric Saylor, Christopher M. Scheer (review)

pp. 707-710

The Thought of Music by Lawrence Kramer (review)

pp. 710-712

Music and Place

A Journey of the Vocal Iso(n) by Eno Koço (review)

pp. 712-713

Der Klang des Gulag: Musik und Musiker in den sowjetischen Zwangsarbeitslagern der 1920er–bis 1950er–Jahre by Inna Klause (review)

pp. 713-715

Conductors and Symphonies

Charles Mackerras ed. by Nigel Simeone, John Tyrrell (review)

pp. 716-717

Orchestrating the Nation: The Nineteenth-Century American Symphonic Enterprise by Douglas W. Shadle (review)

pp. 717-720

Musical Theater and Opera

New York’s Yiddish Theater: From the Bowery to Broadway ed. by Edna Nahshon (review)

pp. 720-721

Orientalism and the Operatic World by Nicholas Tarling (review)

pp. 721-725

Canonic Composers

The Lives of George Frideric Handel by David Hunter (review)

pp. 725-726

My Beloved Man: The Letters of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears ed. by Vicki P. Stroeher, Nicholas Clark, Jude Brimmer (review)

pp. 726-730

Wagner antisémite. Un problème historique, sémiologique et esthétique by Jean-Jacques Nattiez (review)

pp. 730-733

Popular Music and Musicians

Better Git It in Your Soul: An Interpretive Biography of Charles Mingus by Krin Gabbard (review)

pp. 733-735

Magical Musical Tour: Rock and Pop in Film Soundtracks by K. J. Donnelly (review)

pp. 735-737

Rufus Wainwright by Katherine Williams (review)

pp. 737-739

Music in Nightclubs

Legions of Boom: Filipino American Mobile DJ Crews in the San Francisco Bay Area by Oliver Wang (review)

pp. 740-741

Forbidden City, USA: Chinese American Nightclubs, 1936–1970 by Arthur Dong (review)

pp. 741-744

North American Folk and Bluegrass Music

Folk Songs of Another America: Field Recordings from the Upper Midwest, 1937–1946 by James P. Leary, and: Polka Heartland: Why the Midwest Loves to Polka by Dick Blau (review)

pp. 744-746

The Music of the Stanley Brothers by Gary B. Reid (review)

pp. 746-748

Books Recently Published

pp. 749-760

New Media Reviews

Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall (review)

pp. 761-763

Musical Theater Songs (review)

pp. 764-765

Music Industry Data (review)

pp. 765-767

Music Reviews

Unpublished Motets by Pierre Robert

Pierre Robert ed. by Thomas Leconte (review)

pp. 768-770

Sonatas Attributed to Corelli

Arcangelo Corelli (?) (review)

pp. 770-773

The First Edition of Janáček’s Osud

Leoš Janáček ed. by Jiří Zahrádka (review)

pp. 773-777

A Scholarly Edition of Latin Jazz

Machito and his Afro-Cubans by Paul Austerlitz, Jere Laukkanen (review)

pp. 777-781

Music Received

pp. 782-790

Index to Advertisers

p. 791

Cumulative Index to Advertisers Volume 73

p. 808

Index to Volume 73: September 2016 through June 2017

pp. 809-817