restricted access   Volume 71, Number 2, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

Chemical Warfare

Editor’s Note

pp. 191-192


The Use of Chemical Weapons by Arab States

pp. 193-209

Hizbullah’s Moral Justification of Its Military Intervention in the Syrian Civil War

pp. 211-228

“They Defeated Us All”: International Interests, Local Politics, and Contested Sovereignty in Libya

pp. 229-247

The 2015 Israeli General Election: The Triumph of Jewish Skepticism, the Emergence of Arab Faith

pp. 248-268

Chronology: October 16, 2016 – January15, 2017

pp. 269-299

Book Reviews

One Kurdish Nation and 1,001 Kurdish Politics

pp. 301-308


Missionaries of Modernity: Advisory Missions and the Struggle for Hegemony in Afghanistan and Beyond by Antonio Giustozzi, Artemy Kalinovsky, and: A State Built on Sand: How Opium Undermined Afghanistan by David Mansfield (review)

pp. 309-312

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Connecting with the Enemy: A Century of Palestinian-Israeli Joint Nonviolence by Sheila H. Katz (review)

pp. 312-314


Crisis and Class War in Egypt by Sean F. McMahon (review)

pp. 314-315

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood: Religion, Identity, and Politics by Khalil al-Anani (review)

pp. 315-317


Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein by John Nixon (review)

pp. 317-318

Culture and Society

Middle East Drugs Bazaar: Production, Prevention and Consumption by Philip Robins (review)

pp. 318-320


Minority Jurisprudence in Islam: Muslim Communities in the West by Susanne Olsson (review)

pp. 320-321

Modern History and Politics

Liban-Syrie, intimes étrangers: Un siècle d’interactions sociopolitiques [Lebanon-Syria, intimate strangers: A century of sociopolitical interactions] by Élizabeth Picard (review)

pp. 321-323

Unfinished Revolutions: Yemen, Libya, and Tunisia after the Arab Spring by Ibrahim Fraihat (review)

pp. 323-324

Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East by Michael Doran (review)

pp. 324-326

Desert Kingdoms to Global Powers: The Rise of the Arab Gulf by Rory Miller (review)

pp. 326-327

Shadow Wars: The Secret Struggle for the Middle East by Christopher Davidson (review)

pp. 327-329

The Age of Jihad: Islamic State and the Great War for the Middle East by Patrick Cockburn (review)

pp. 329-331

Philosophy, Religion, and Science

Circuits of Faith: Migration, Education, and the Wahhabi Mission by Michael Farquhar (review)

pp. 331-332

Recent Publications

pp. 333-335


p. 336