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From: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

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Publishers’ Note

p. 2

Death Destruction & Detroit: Robert Wilson’s Tale of Two Cities

pp. 3-7

Carolee Schneemann: More than Meat Joy

pp. 8-15

Fluxus: “The Exquisite Corpse Stirs”

pp. 16-20

What Is Performance Art?

pp. 22-23

Paris Letter: (In the Form of an Interview)

pp. 24-28

Auto-Interview: Richard Foreman talks to himself [and whoever else is listening] about Strong Medicine [un film]

pp. 29-34


Nijinsky and Bound Feet by Winston Tong (review)

p. 35

Waterfall by The Theatre of Mistakes (review)

pp. 35-36

The Grand Dance by Deborah Hay (review)

pp. 36-37

Dance for a Shaggy Princess by Toby Armour, and: Micro Modus by Aileen Passloff (review)

pp. 37-38

Thick as Thebes by Pooh Kaye (review)

pp. 38-39

The Circular Heavens by Peter Rose (review)

pp. 39-40

Eleventh Spectacle (The Erotic) by Stuart Sherman (review)

pp. 40-41

Southern Exposure by JoAnne Akalaitis, and: Before the Revolution by Eleanor Antin (review)

pp. 41-42

Everyday Business by Cindy Lubar (review)

pp. 42-43

Bob & Bob, and The Kipper Kids

pp. 43-45

The Juniper Tree by Joan Jonas (review)

p. 45

Better, Stronger by Ed Bowes (review)

pp. 45-46

Americans on the Move by Laurie Anderson, and: Solo by Phil Glass (review)

p. 46

Americans on the Move: Parts I and II by Laurie Anderson (review)

p. 47