restricted access   Issue 122, 2017

Table of Contents

From the Editor: The Whites’ House

pp. 1-4

Letters & Opinions

pp. 5-21


The Trump Era: hope in a time of escalating despair

pp. 22-41

Roots Reconsidered

Forty years after the debut of the television miniseries based on Alex Haley’s best-selling novel, guest editors Kellie Carter Jackson and Erica L. Ball offer a look at the global impact of the Roots phenomenon.

Kunta Kinte: the power of a name

pp. 42-46

Historical Truth and Fiction in the Life of Kunta Kinte

pp. 47-63

Alex Haley, Storyteller

pp. 64-78

The Struggle for Land Rights Will Not Be Televised: settler colonialism and Roots down under

pp. 79-97

The Conservative Dispositions of Roots

pp. 98-112

Overshadowed by Roots: The Fight Against Slavery

pp. 113-122

What Slaves We Are: narrative, trauma, and power in Kendrick Lamar’s roots

pp. 123-132

From the Roots to the Maple Leaf: a legacy without borders

pp. 133-137

A Complicated Embrace: Alex Haley’s Roots in Egypt

pp. 138-149

The Place beneath Falling Stars

pp. 150-165

Intruder (Home as a fallacy), and: House daLorde (Home as a dream)

pp. 166-167

Slices of Memory

pp. 168-181

Why It’s Time Schools Stopped Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird

pp. 182-200

Harvard and Slavery

pp. 201-205

Objects of Kinship: reconstituting descent in the shadow of slavery

pp. 206-216

Notes on Contributors

pp. 229-235