free access   Volume 46, Number 1, 2017 (Issue 142)

Table of Contents

Assemblages: (Pre)Political, Ethical and Ontological Perspectives

Guest Editors: Razvan Amironesei & Jon Bialecki


free access   Assemblages: (Pre)Political, Ethical and Ontological Perspectives

pp. 3-20

free access   What is an Assemblage?

pp. 21-37

free access   Non-Subjective Assemblages?: Foucault, Subjectivity, and Sexual Violence

pp. 38-54

free access   Authenticity and Distantiation from Oneself: An Ethico-Political Problem

pp. 55-68

free access   Politics and Commonality of Sensation from a Reading of Merleau-Ponty

pp. 69-89

free access   Intermedial Relations: A Critique of Reification Theory1

pp. 90-110

free access   Assemblages and the Un-Timeliness of Democratic Commitments

pp. 111-123

free access   Pre-Political Topology Emerging from Biotechnology’s Secretions

pp. 124-139

free access   The Tragic Political Assemblage: Implications of Contemporary Anthropological Debates on Hierarchy, Heterarchy, and Ontology as Political Challenges

pp. 140-154

free access   Assembling No: Remarks on Diaspora and Intransitivity

pp. 155-165


free access   Governing by Debt by Maurizio Lazzarato, and: Signs and Machines: Capitalism and the Production of Subjectivity by Maurizio Lazzarato (review)

pp. 166-177

free access   Radical History and the Politics of Art by Gabriel Rockhill (review)

pp. 178-183

free access   The Social Architecture of French Cinema: 1929–1939 by Margaret C. Flinn (review)

pp. 184-189

free access   Literature, Ethics, and Decolonization in Postwar France: The Politics of Disengagement by Daniel Just (review)

pp. 190-192

free access   Contributors

pp. 193-195