restricted access   Volume 131, Number 5, December 2016 (Comparative Literature Issue)

Table of Contents

The Bestowal: What is a Prize?

What is a Prize?

The Prize-Bearers: A Brief Introduction

pp. 1155-1163

Hannah Arendt Swallows the Lessing-Prize

pp. 1164-1180

True refuge issue less: Beckett and The Nobel

pp. 1181-1197

The Prize and Price of Thinking and Thanking: False Life, Living On

pp. 1198-1217

Thomas Bernhard, Prizefighter

pp. 1218-1235

Panofsky in Munich, 1967

pp. 1236-1257

A Meditation on Prizes

pp. 1258-1275

Jacques Derrida and the Theodor W. Adorno Prize of the City of Frankfurt

pp. 1276-1294


Responsibility, Foreignness, Intimacy: Embodying Ethical Subjectivity in Emmanuel Levinas, Edmond Jabès, and Rosmarie Waldrop

pp. 1295-1324

The Political Theology of Critical Philosophy: Reading Kant’s Ideas of Religion

pp. 1325-1346

Writing, Touching, and Eating in Clarice Lispector: Água Viva and A Breath of Life

pp. 1347-1369


Theory at Yale: The Strange Case of Deconstruction in America by Marc Redfield (review)

pp. 1370-1374

The Correspondence of Erasmus: Letters 2357 to 2471, August 1530 to March 1531 by Desiderius Erasmus (review)

pp. 1374-1377