restricted access   Volume 51, Number 4, Fall 2016

Table of Contents


A Call to All the Earth

pp. 437-442

Special Section: Theology Without Walls

What Is Theology without Walls?

pp. 443-449

“True to and True For”: The Problem and Promise of Religious Truth for a Theology without Walls

pp. 450-463

Tale of a Theologian without Walls

pp. 464-478

Of Two Minds about a Theology without Walls

pp. 479-486

Without Walls = Multiple Belonging?

pp. 487-498

Which Ultimate(s) Would Theology without Walls Be About?

pp. 499-505

Theology without Walls: Toward a Hermeneutics without Boundaries?

pp. 506-516

“We Talking about Us”: Wilfred Cantwell Smith’s Relevance to Theology without Walls

pp. 517-523


Christian Visions of Vedānta: The Spiritual Exercises of Bede Griffiths and Henri Le Saux

pp. 524-551

Confucian Ren and Jesus’ Agape as a Basic Virtue toward a More Ecumenical World

pp. 552-566

The Confucian Scholar and the Brahmin Sannyasi: Matteo Ricci’s and Roberto de Nobili’s Adaptation to the Social Customs of the Other Traditions and the Legacies for Today

pp. 567-585

Interfaith Dialogue and British Muslim Praisoners

pp. 586-603

Postcolonial Turn in Christian Theology of Religions: Some Critical Appraisals

pp. 604-621

Book Reviews

What Is Not Sacred? African Spirituality by Laurenti Magesa, and: Christian Theology and African Traditions by Matthew Michael (review)

pp. 622-623