restricted access   Volume 8, Number 2, Winter 2016

Table of Contents


Child King

pp. 1-18


The Child Mechanical and Adult Anxiety in Children’s Literature and Culture: “Wheels to the Rails!”

pp. 19-35

Pinocchio migrant et postcolonial : parcours de subjectivation entre Europe centrale, Italie, et Afrique

pp. 36-61

An Intersectional Feminist Review of the Literature on Gendered Cyberbullying: Digital Girls

pp. 62-88

Environmental Heroism and the Power of Storytelling in the Novels and Papers of Brian Doyle: “The Infinite Family of Organisms”1

pp. 89-118

Kinship and the Queer Perversions of Six-Dinner Sid and Else-Marie and Her Seven Little Daddies: Imagine (Un)Doing Family

pp. 119-141


Embedding Indigenous Perspectives in Reviewing Welcome to Country with Australian High-School Students: More Than a Book Review

pp. 142-151


pp. 152-158

Reconfiguring the Sick Girl in Young Adult Literature: Worlds Where We Might Belong

pp. 159-169