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Eric Bain-Selbo

Jane Fife

Anthony Harkins

Editorial Assistant

Terry Clark

The Editorial Board


David Hoekema, Calvin College

Robert Caserio, The Pennsylvania State University

Ayesha S. Chaudhry, The University of British Columbia

Harry F. Dahms, The University of Tennessee

G. Scott Davis, University of Richmond

Allen R. Dunn, The University of Tennessee

Laurel Fulkerson, The Florida State University

Linda Hogan, Trinity College Dublin

Mark Hulsether, The University of Tennessee

Christoph Irmscher, Indiana University

Paul Lauritzen, John Carroll University

John McGowan, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Richard B. Miller, Indiana University

Mary Papke, The University of Tennessee

Cian O’Driscoll, University of Glasgow

Michael Ruse, The Florida State University

Alan Singer, Temple University

Nathan Stoltzfus, The Florida State University

Nancy Warren, Texas A&M University

George Wilkes, University of Edinburgh