Volume 1, Number 1, March 2017

Table of Contents


  Editorial: Discomfort

pp. 1-9


  “Total Community Response”: Performing the Avant-garde as a Democratic Gesture in Manila

pp. 13-38

  An Exceptional Inclusion: On MoMA’s Exhibition Recent American Prints in Color and the First Exhibition of Southeast Asian Art

pp. 39-80

  Endurance and Overcoming in the Art of Amron Omar and Melati Suryodarmo: Invoking Uncommon Alignments for Contemporary Southeast Asian Art History

pp. 81-129

  A Dark Spot on a Royal Space: The Art of the People’s Party and the Politics of Thai (Art) History

pp. 131-157


  Of Poems in a Recalcitrant Landscape: An Interview with Stanley J. O’Connor

pp. 161-183


  Searching for Discomfort

pp. 187-201


  Hol Pidan: Cambodian Traditional Pictorial Silk Textile Preservation and Development, at the National Museum of Cambodia, 2016

pp. 205-213

Artists' Projects


pp. 217-219

  Towards Figures of Dedication, and a Flood (2015)

pp. 221-230

  Getah Bening

pp. 231-236