restricted access   Volume 33, Number 2, 2016

Table of Contents

Recovering Alice Dunbar-Nelson for the Twenty-First Century

Katherine Adams, Caroline Gebhard, and Sandra A. Zagarell, Guest Editors


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Recovering Alice Dunbar-Nelson for the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction

pp. 213-253

Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Published Works: A Bibliography in Progress

pp. 254-258

Alice Dunbar-Nelson: A Gallery of Images

pp. 259-266


“Upon the Young People of Our Race, by Our Own Literature”: Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s “Negro Literature for Negro Pupils”

pp. 267-285

Writing to Belong: Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Newspaper Columns in the African American Press

pp. 286-309

Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson’s Suffrage Work: The View from Her Scrapbook

pp. 310-335

Masculinity, Criminality, and Race: Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Creole Boy Stories

pp. 336-360

Quinine Pills and Race Progress: Alice Dunbar-Nelson and the Black Women’s Literary Tradition

pp. 361-383


Reflections on the Archive: Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar-Nelson

pp. 384-391

Writing Black Modernism: Two Poems by Alice Dunbar-Nelson

pp. 392-397

Little Excursions Week by Week

p. 398

Harlem John Henry Views the Airmada

pp. 399-403

Recovered from the Archive: Two Stories by Alice Dunbar-Nelson

pp. 404-407

St. John’s Eve

pp. 408-415

His Heart’s Desire

pp. 416-421

Review Essay

Women Writers and Journalists in the Nineteenth-Century South by Jonathan Daniel Wells, and: Writing Reconstruction: Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the Postwar South by Sharon D. Kennedy-Nolle, and: Love, Liberation, and Escaping Slavery: William and Ellen Craft in Cultural Memory by Barbara McCaskill (review)

pp. 422-432

Book Reviews

The Western Captiveand Other Indian Stories by Elizabeth Oakes Smith (review)

pp. 433-435

Married or Single? by Catharine Maria Sedgwick (review)

pp. 435-438

African American Travel Narratives from Abroad: Mobility and Cultural Work in the Age of Jim Crow by Gary Totten (review)

pp. 438-440

Elder Northfield’s Home; or, Sacrificed on the Mormon Altar by A. Jennie Bartlett (review)

pp. 441-443

Emotional Reinventions: Realist-Era Representations beyond Sympathy by Melanie V. Dawson (review)

pp. 443-446