restricted access   Volume 13, Number 3, Spring 1990

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From: The Review of Higher Education

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Research on College Students: Commonality, Difference, and Direction

pp. 249-258

The Impact of the Freshman Year on Epistemological Development: Gender Differences

pp. 259-284

Becoming a Lawyer: The Effects of College and College Experiences

pp. 285-301

Exploring the Effects of Ability to Pay on Persistence in College

pp. 303-336

Testing Qualitative Indicators of Precollege Factors in Tinto’s Attrition Model: A Community College Student Population

pp. 337-355

The College Mathematics Experience and Changes in Majors: A Structural Model Analysis

pp. 357-386

Ongoing Dialogue

“Let Hayward State Do It…?”

pp. 387-396

Review Essay

Rudolph Rediscovered

pp. 397-398

Rudolph’s American College and University: A History: An Appraisal a Generation After Publication

pp. 398-411

Life after Rudolph

pp. 411-415