Ian Copestake, Independent scholar

Editorial Bord

Barry Ahearn, Tulane University

Steven Axelrod, University of California, Riverside

Brian Bremen, University of Texas at Austin

Terence Diggory, Skidmore College

Kerry Driscoll, University of St. Joseph

Ann Fisher-Wirth, University of Mississippi

Stephen Fredman, Notre Dame

Cristina Giorcelli, University of Rome

Theodora Rapp Graham, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg

John Lowney, St. John’s University

Christopher MacGowan, College of William and Mary

Glen MacLeod, University of Connecticut, Waterbury

Paul Mariani, Boston College

Alec Marsh, Muhlenberg College

Dan Morris, Purdue University

Peter Schmidt, Swarthmore College

Lisa Steinman, Reed College

Emily Mitchell Wallace, Bryn Mawr College