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Lend Me Your Ears! Sound and Reception


Lend Me Your Ears! Sound and Reception

pp. 1-2

Articles and Notes

Loudspeaker Listening: Tabula Rasa or Augmented Reality

pp. 3-6

Listen to the Absent: Binaural Inquiry in Auditive Spatial Perception

pp. 7-9

Let Me Whisper in Your Earbud: Curating Sound for Ubiquitous Tiny Speakers

pp. 10-13

Some Principles of Visual Design for Computer Music

pp. 14-19

Music Listening Activities in the Digital Age: An Act of Cultural Participation through Adequate Music

pp. 20-23

From Music to Big Music: Listening in the Age of Big Data

pp. 24-27

Listening to the Promise of a Better You: Considering the Instructional Record

pp. 28-31

Hearing Music with the Ears of a Composer

pp. 32-34

Distributed Listening in Electroacoustic Improvisation

pp. 35-38

Sonic Art as Critique of the Listening Act

pp. 39-43

Ear Training, Solfège and Sound Education

pp. 44-47

Listening to Listening Machines: On Contemporary Sonic Media Critique

pp. 48-52

Lo-fi Listening as Active Reception

pp. 53-55

Average Is the New Loudest

pp. 56-59

The Thing about Microphones

pp. 60-63

Unsound Sound: On the Ontology of Sound in the Digital Age

pp. 64-67

A Temporal Basis for Acousmatic Rhythm

pp. 68-70

The Cowboy Junkies Realism Test

pp. 71-72

The Listening Laboratory: On Playful Practice and Listening Machines

pp. 72-73

Wiring The Ear: Instrumentality and Aural Primacy in and after David Tudor’s Unstable Circuits

pp. 73-74

From You to Me and Back Again: Interdependent Listening and the Relational Aesthetics of Sound

pp. 74-76

The Happy Valley Band: Creative (Mis)Transcription

pp. 76-78

Teaching Cage’s “Silent Piece”

pp. 78-79

Soundmaps as iDocs? : Modes of Interactivity for Storytelling with Sound

pp. 80-82

Listening in the Rose Garden

pp. 83-86

Wolf Listeners: An Introduction to the Acoustemological Politics and Poetics of Isle Royale National Park

pp. 87-90

Skirmish at the Oasis: On Sonic Disobedience

pp. 92-96

Stuart Marshall’s Idiophonics

pp. 97-99

LMJ26 Audio Companion

LMJ26 Audio Tracklist

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Sonic Commentary: All Ears

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Sonic Commentary:: All Ears Contributors’ Notes

pp. 102-106

Leonardo Volume 49 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 26

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Leonardo Network News

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