restricted access   Number 38-39, November 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Black Portraiture[s]
The Black Body in the West

Ramez Elias: In Memoriam (1958–2016)

p. 5

From the Editors: Black Portraiture[s]

pp. 6-7

The Slave at the Louvre: An Invisible Humanity

pp. 8-13

Who’s Zoomin’ Who?: The Eyes of Donyale Luna

pp. 14-21

Defacing the Gaze and Reimagining the Black Body: Contemporary Caribbean Women Artists

pp. 22-30

Black Queer Dandy: The Beauty without whom we cannot Live

pp. 32-39

Posing the Black Painter: Kerry James Marshall’s Portraits of Artists’ Self-Portraits

pp. 40-51

Au Nègre Joyeux: Everyday Antiblackness Guised as Public Art

pp. 52-58

Saga Bwoys and Rude Bwoys: Migration, Grooming, and Dandyism

pp. 60-69

Portraits in Black: Styling, Space, and Self in the Work of Barkley L. Hendricks and Elizabeth Colomba

pp. 70-79


pp. 80-89

Confessions of a Black Feminist Academic Pornographer

pp. 90-95

A Picture’s Worth: Toward Theorizing A Black/Queer Gaze in the Internet “Pornutopia”

pp. 96-100

Icons Brought Forward: Renée Cox’s Queen Nanny of the Maroons

pp. 102-109

The Unnamed Body: Encountering, Commodifying, and Codifying the Image of the Black Female

pp. 110-120

No More “Poisonous, Disrespectful, and Skewed Images of Black People”: Barbara Walker’s Louder than Words

pp. 122-133

Hank Willis Thomas: A Necessary Caution

pp. 134-141

No Body’s Perfect

pp. 142-151

James Barnor: Ever Young, Never Sleep

pp. 152-161

Making Space, Changing Space: Black People and New Museums

pp. 162-167

Ota Benga in the Archives: Unmaking Myths, Mapping Resistance in the Margins of History

pp. 168-173

Bust Brawl: The Battle Over a Black Bronze Prince

pp. 174-180

Bending History

pp. 182-185

Different, but Not Abnormal: “Out” in Africa

pp. 186-195

Reclaiming History: A Visual Essay

pp. 196-201

From Body to Disembodiment

pp. 202-209

Black Presence in France

pp. 210-217


Reading Basquiat: Exploring Ambivalence in American Art by Jordana Moore Saggese (review)

pp. 218-219

A New Republic by Kehinde Wiley (review)

pp. 220-223