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Things Endure While We Fade Away: Tao Yuanming on Being Himself

An Alternative Way of Confucian Sincerity: Wang Yangming’s Unity of Knowing and Doing as a Response to Zhu Xi’s Puzzle of Self-Deception

Contrasting Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika and Buddhist Explanations of Attention

Knowledge, Action, and Virtue in Zhu Xi

Paul Tillich, Zhuangzi, and the Creational Role of non-Being

The Notion of Creation in the Druze Faith

The Context(s) of "Correct Seeing": Truth and Fiction in Tibetan Madhyamaka

Desire, Representing Process and Translatability

Rules of Composition: A Mereological Examination of the dao-you Relation

The Transformation of Aesthetic Ren (仁) to Moral Ren (仁): A Practical and Contextual Perspective

Wang Yangming’s Theory of the Unity of Knowledge and Action Revisited: An Investigation from the Perspective of Moral Emotion

The Ontological Dimension of Xunzi’s Ritual Propriety: A Comparative Study of Xunzi and Heidegger

I am not a Sage but an Archer: Confucius on Agency and Freedom

The Neo-Confucian Transmoral Dimension of Zhu Xi’s Moral Thought

The Logic of Not: An Invitation to an Holistic Mode of Thinking—An East Asian Perspective

The Cogito and Onto-Being of the Mind: Philosophical Early Modernity in Descartes and Wang Yangming’s Metaphysics

Priority Cosmopsychism and the Advaita Vedānta

China’s Particular Values and the Issue of Universal Significance: Contemporary Confucians amidst the Politics of Universal Values

In a Double Way: Nāma-rūpa in Buddhaghosa’s Phenomenology

Two Boats Fastened Together: Nagārjuna’s Solution To the Question of the Origin of Ideas

Women on Love — Idealization in the Philosophies of Diotima (Symposium) and Murasaki Shikibu (The Tale of Genji)

The Discontents of Moderate Political Confucianism and the Future of Democracy in East Asia

Mawardi and Machiavelli: Reflections on Power in their Mirrors for Princes

Madhyamaka, Metaphysical Realism and the Possibility of an Ancestral World

Personal Immortality in Transhumanism and Ancient Indian Philosophy

Self-cognition? Saṃghabhadra, Armstrong, and Introspective Consciousness

The Aesthetic Concept of Yi in Chinese Calligraphic Creation

Knowing Blue: Early Buddhist Accounts of Non-Conceptual Sense Perception

Personhood and the Strongly normative constraint

Innate Divisions and the Natural Hermeneutics of Plato and Zhuangzi

Huayan Numismatics as Metaphysics: Explicating Fazang’s Coin-Counting Metaphor

Śāntarakṣita on Personal Identity: A Comparative Study

An Examination of the “New Learning” Usage of daoxue in Northern Song China

The Presence of Buddhist Thought in Kalām Literature