restricted access   Volume 43, Issue 3, Septembre 2016

Table of Contents

Literature and Globalism: A Tribute to Theo D’haen

Guest Editor: Lieven D’hulst

After Globalism?

pp. 337-341

World Literature, Circulation, and the Middle Ages

pp. 342-359

From Ithaca to Beijing: Hu Shih’s Peripheral Centrality

pp. 360-369

Why Valeurs?: Comparative Literature in Mid-Century Alexandria

pp. 370-379

Chinese Literature as World Literature

pp. 380-392

“Daytsh iz dokh Yidish:” Sholem Aleichem’s Motl the Cantor’s Son as Born-Translated Literature

pp. 393-405

D’un sous-ensemble de la littérature mondiale: Les lettres transatlantiques

pp. 406-413

Colonialité, subjectivité, et déconstruction dans la pensée d’Édouard Glissant

pp. 414-425

The Afterglow of Postmodernism in Recent Dutch and Flemish Fiction

pp. 426-438


The Arabian Nights in the English Popular Press and the Heterogenization of Nationhood: A Print Cultural Approach to Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities

pp. 439-460

Je Sois Autre Moy-Mesmes: Generic Blending and French Heritage in Julian Barnes’s Levels of Life

pp. 461-476

Houellebecq’s Priapism: The Failure of Sexual Liberation in Michel Houellebecq’s Novels and Essays

pp. 477-497