restricted access   Volume 44, Numbers 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 2016

Table of Contents

GUEST EDITORS: Matt Brim, College of Staten Island, City University of New York Amin Ghaziani, The University of British Columbia

Editor’s Note

pp. 9-13

Introduction: Queer Methods

pp. 14-27

Part I. Articles

Eroticized Racial Registers

The Racialized Erotics of Participatory Research: A Queer Feminist Understanding

pp. 31-50

Put a Little Honey in My Sweet Tea: Oral History as Quare Performance

pp. 51-67

Dyke Methods: A Meditation on Queer Studies and the Gay Men Who Hate It

pp. 68-85


To Count or Not to Count: Queering Measurement and the Transgender Community

pp. 89-110

CompuQueer: Protocological Constraints, Algorithmic Streamlining, and the Search for Queer Methods Online

pp. 111-130

Queer Survey Research and the Ontological Dimensions of Heterosexism

pp. 131-149

The Queer Ontology of Digital Method

pp. 150-169


Haunted by the 1990s: Queer Theory’s Affective Histories

pp. 173-189

Querying Queer African Archives: Methods and Movements

pp. 190-207

Openings, Obstacles, and Disruptions: Desire as a Portable Queer Method

pp. 208-223

Epistemology of the Subject: Queer Theory’s Challenge to Feminist Sociology

pp. 224-243

Part II. Poetry

One More Failed Attempt to Get Over You

pp. 247-248

dis/chord: nuclear disfunction in diminished 4ths

pp. 249-250


pp. 251-252

Ode to My Breasts

p. 253

Sing Goddess, the Anger

pp. 254-255

Bedtime Flashes for My Wife

pp. 256-257

Grows Strong with Each Twerk

p. 258

Ode to Lithium #44: Ghazal, Interrupted

p. 259

Ode to Lithium #140: Natural

pp. 260-261

Winged Triptych

pp. 262-263

Epic for You

pp. 264-269

Part III. Prose

Today His Name Is Keith

pp. 273-274

Tipping Point

pp. 275-287

Part IV. Classics Revisited—CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies

Transitions, Tensions, Trade-Offs: CLAGS from 1996–1999

pp. 291-295

The International Resource Network: A Hard-Won Success, an Uncertain Future

pp. 296-300

The Intersection of Queer Theory and Empirical Methods: Visions for CLAGS, the Center for LGBTQ Studies

pp. 301-305

The First Ten Years

pp. 306-312

Part V. Book Reviews

The Production of White Male Heterosexuality

pp. 315-318

Toward Trans* Epistemology: Imagining the Lives of Transgender People

pp. 319-323

Valerie Traub’s Thinking Sex with The Early Moderns: An Interdisciplinary Conversation

Scholars in Pursuit of Elusive Sexual Knowledge

pp. 324-327

When Is a Clitoris Like a Lesbian? A “Sociologist” Considers Thinking Sex

pp. 328-331

Thinking Sex with Geopolitics

pp. 332-335

A Response: Difficulty, Opacity, Disposition, Method1

pp. 336-342

Part VI. Alerts and Provocations

Queer Messes

pp. 345-349