restricted access   Volume 83, Number 2, Summer 2016

Table of Contents

Borders and the Politics of Mourning

Guest coeditors: Alexandra Délano Alonso and Benjamin Nienass


p. iv

Endangered Scholars Worldwide

pp. v-xviii

Introduction: Borders and the Politics of Mourning

pp. xix-xxxi

Part I: Mourning the Other

Grief as a Source, Expression, and Register of Political Sensitivity

pp. 229-254

Thinking Beyond Humanitarian Borders

pp. 255-271

Part II: Reframing Responsibility

After the Shipwreck: Mourning and Citizenship in the Mediterranean, Our Sea

pp. 275-294

(Re)Branding the State: Humanitarian Border Control and the Moral Imperative of State Sovereignty

pp. 295-325

Part III: Memory and the Politics of Naming

Of Other Spaces (of Memory)

pp. 329-357

Missing Migrants and the Politics of Naming: Names Without Bodies, Bodies Without Names

pp. 359-389

Public Memorialization and the Grievability of Victims in Ciudad Juárez

pp. 391-417

Part IV: Burials, Cemeteries, and Public Grief

Deaths, Visibility, and Responsibility: The Politics of Mourning at the US-Mexico Border

pp. 421-451

From Aggressive Humanism to Improper Mourning: Burying the Victims of Europe’s Border Regime in Berlin

pp. 453-479

Part V: Forensics, Care, and the Rights of The Dead

Pure Corpses, Dangerous Citizens: Transgressing the Boundaries between Experts and Mourners in the Search for the Disappeared in Mexico

pp. 483-510

Bringing the Dead Back into Society: An Interview with Mercedes Doretti

pp. 511-534

Notes on Contributors

pp. 535-536