restricted access   Volume 51, Numbers 1 & 2, Spring/Summer 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Beyond the Nation: Transnational Ireland

Guest Editors: Enda Delaney, University of Edinburgh Ciaran O'Neill, Trinity College Dublin

Cover Note

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Introduction: Beyond the Nation

pp. 7-13


The Languages of Transnationalism: Translation, Training, and Transfer

pp. 14-33

Celebrating the Battle of the Saintes: Imperial News in England and Ireland, 1782*

pp. 34-60

Before the Fenians: 1848 and the Irish Plot to Invade Canada

pp. 61-91

“Looking for That Pot of Gold”: The Transnational Life of Kevin Henry

pp. 92-117

The Ulster Crisis in Transnational Perspective: Ulster Unionism and America, 1912–14

pp. 118-140

Fenianism’s Bermuda Footprint: Revolutionary Nationalism in the Victorian Empire*

pp. 141-170

Transnationalism, Ireland, and The Bell

pp. 171-191

“The Grandest Battle Ever Fought for the Rights of Human Beings”: Radical Republicanism and the Universalization of the Land War*

pp. 192-217

Irish Chicagoans, Nationalism, and the Commemoration of Rebellion in 1898

pp. 218-242

Irish Legal Geographies in the Era of Emergency: Independent Ireland, Colonial Kenya, and the British Colonial Legal Service

pp. 243-265

Roundtable Discussion: Teaching Transnational Irish History

pp. 266-276


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pp. 277-280