Volume 28, Number / numéro 2, 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue / Numéro spécial: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Conference / Symposium sur Meurtres et disparitions de femmes et de filles autochotones

Editorial / Éditorial

Sexualized Violence and Colonialism: Reflections on the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

pp. i-iv

Articles / Articles

Violence sexualisée et colonialisme : réflexions relatives à l’enquête sur les femmes autochtones disparues et assassinées

pp. v-viii

Shining Light on the Dark Places: Addressing Police Racism and Sexualized Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls in the National Inquiry

pp. 253-284

Gendering Disposability

pp. 285-307

A Long Road Behind Us, a Long Road Ahead: Towards an Indigenous Feminist National Inquiry

pp. 308-313

Indian Act Sex Discrimination: Enough Inquiry Already, Just Fix It

pp. 314-320

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis: Technological Dimensions

pp. 321-341

Balancing Transparency and Accountability with Privacy in Improving the Police Handling of Sexual Assaults

pp. 342-373

Public Inquiries and Law Reform Institutions: “Truth Finding” and “Truth Producing”

pp. 374-392

The Berger Inquiry in Retrospect: Its Legacy

pp. 393-407

The National Inquiry on Murders and Disappearances of Indigenous Women and Girls: Recommendations from the Symposium on Planning for Change:

pp. 408-428

L’enquête nationale sur les meurtres et disparitions de femmes et de filles autochtones: Document final du Symposium sur les Meurtres et disparitions de femmes et de filles autochtones planifier le changement : Vers une enquête nationale et un Plan d’action national efficace

pp. 429-451

Book Reviews / Chroniques bibliographiques

Looking for Ashley: Re-Reading What the Smith Case Reveals about the Governance of Girls, Mothers and Families in Canada by Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich (review)

pp. 452-456

Dying from Improvement: Inquests and Inquiries into Indigenous Deaths in Custody by Sherene H. Razack (review)

pp. 457-462

About the Contributors / Quelques mots sur nos collaboratrices

pp. 463-465