restricted access   Volume 52, Number 2, April 1988

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From: The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review

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Authority, Public Dissent and the Nature of Theological Thinking

pp. 185-207

Was St. Thomas Aquinas a Platonist?

pp. 209-219

A Theory of Basic Goods: Structure and Hierarchy

pp. 221-245

Aquinas and the Liberationist Critique of Maritain’s New Christendom

pp. 247-267

The Structures of Practical Reason: Some Comments and Clarifications

pp. 269-291

Quasi-Formal Causality and ‘Change in the Other’: A Note on Karl Rahner’s Christology

pp. 293-306

Review Symposium

Minding Our Own Business

pp. 307-319

Religious Diversity

pp. 319-327

William Christian and Community Doctrines

pp. 327-335


Theology After Wittgenstein by Fergus Kerr (review)

pp. 337-342

The Education of Desire: Plato and the Philosophy of Religion by Michel Despland (review)

pp. 343-347

Augustine by Henry Chadwick (review)

pp. 347-350

From Marx to Kant by Dick Howard (review)

pp. 350-355

Against The Protestant Gnostics by Philip J. Lee (review)

pp. 355-357

Darwinism and Divinity: Essays on Evolution and Religious Belief ed. by John Durant (review)

pp. 357-362

Will It Liberate? Questions About Liberation Theology by Michael Novak (review)

pp. 362-364