restricted access   Volume 30, Number 3, 2016

Table of Contents

Critical, Affective, and Plural Trajectories in Continental Philosophy


pp. 235-241

Plenary Address

Translation as Paradigm for Human Sciences

pp. 242-266

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy Prizewinners

Sidestepping the Problem of the Unconscious: Why We Ought to Reframe the Lacan/Merleau-Ponty Debate in Bodily Terms

pp. 267-277

Affective Indigestion: Lorde, Fanon, and Gutierrez-Rodriguez on Race and Affective Labor

pp. 278-291

The Fragments of the Disaster: Blanchot and Galeano on Decolonial Writing

pp. 292-302

Rethinking Politics: Democracy and Community

Derrida and the Autoimmunity of Democracy

pp. 303-315

The Clinamen of Community: Duns Scotus’s Political Ontology

pp. 316-327

Aesthetics: Time-Consciousness, Memory, Imagination

Rhythm and Transformation Through Memory: On Augustine’s Confessions After De Musica

pp. 328-338

Toward a Husserlian Foundation of Aesthetics: On Imagination, Phantasy, and Image Consciousness in the 1904/1905 Lectures

pp. 339-351

Deleuzian Abstraction and Nietzschean Will to Power

Who Thinks Abstractly?: Deleuze on Abstraction

pp. 352-360

Will to Power as Alternative to Causality

pp. 361-372

Religion and Myth

Theology, Ontotheology, and Eschatology in Schelling’s Late Thought

pp. 373-381

Merleau-Ponty and the Myth of Human Incarnation

pp. 382-394

Affectivity: Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophical Pedagogy

Renaud Barbaras and Michel Henry: A Contemporary Debate on the Status of Affectivity and a Farewell to the “Flesh of the World”

pp. 395-403

Trauma and Historical Witnessing: Hope for Malabou’s New Wounded

pp. 404-413

Pedagogy and Plurality in the Work of Michèle Le Dœuff

pp. 414-424