restricted access   Issue 120, 2016

Table of Contents

Letters & Opinions

pp. iv-3

The Language Question

African Literature . . . Says Who?: The last fifty years with Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

pp. 4-21

My Vernacular: A previously unpublished essay by Amos Tutuola

pp. 22-27


Pan-African Legacies, Afropolitan Futures: A conversation with Achille Mbembe

pp. 28-37

You are next

p. 38

Obama in Havana and the Racial Politics of Contemporary Cuba

pp. 39-45

Camera Ministry: A conversation with photographer and filmmaker Khalik Allah on the production of and responses to his film Field Niggas

pp. 46-60

Beautiful Ones

pp. 61-78

Respectability Performance: A conversation with storyteller and performance artist Sheldon Scott

pp. 79-92

Got Jesus?, and: Plantation Blues

pp. 93-94

Purity in Danger: Transgressing colourlines in post-apartheid South Africa

pp. 95-115

Between Nostalgia and Future Dreaming

pp. 116-131


p. 132

In Memoriam

pp. 133-138

The Old Bones, and: Meditation on Kevin Carter’s Sudanese Child

pp. 139-141

Notes on Contributors

pp. 142-147