Editor in Chief

Rebecca Kukla, PhD

Managing Editor

Hailey Huget

Assistant Managing Editor

McKay Holland

Book Review Editor

Michael Barnes

Editorial Board

Alireza Bagheri, MD, PhD
School of Medicine
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Dan W. Brock, PhD
Department of Global Health and Social Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Lisa Sowle Cahill, PhD
Department of Theology
Boston College

Arthur Caplan, PhD
Division of Medical Ethics
New York University
Langone Medical Center

Alexander M. Capron, LLB
Pacific Center for Health Policy and Ethics
University of Southern California

James Childress, PhD
Department of Religious Studies
University of Virginia

Dena S. Davis, JD, PhD
Religion Studies Department
Lehigh University

Ronald M. Green, PhD
Ethics Institute
Dartmouth College

Henk ten Have, MD, PhD
Center for Healthcare Ethics
Duquesne University

Rihito Kimura, PhD
Keisen University, Japan

Bernard Lo, MD
Department of Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
School of Medicine

Joanne Lynn, MD
Center on Elder Care and Advanced Illness
Altarum Institute

Aaron L. Mackler, PhD
Department of Theology
Duquesne University

Alan Meisel, JD
Center for Bioethics and Health Law
University of Pittsburgh

Paul T. Menzel, PhD
Department of Philosophy
Pacific Lutheran University

Jing-Bao Nie, PhD
Bioethics Centre
University of Otago, New Zealand

Margaret A. Somerville, LLB, DCL
Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law
McGill University, Canada

Dan Wikler, PhD
Department of Global Health and Population
Harvard School of Public Health

Stuart J. Youngner, MD
Department of Bioethics
Case Western Reserve University