restricted access   Issue 119, 2016

Table of Contents

Letters & Opinions

pp. 1-8


Generations of Struggle: St. Louis from Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter

pp. 9-16

Afro-Asian Worlds


pp. 17-21

Looking at Them: The view across the street

pp. 22-36

Daughters of Zanzibar

pp. 37-48

Dhow Encounters

pp. 49-59

Nairobi’s Jamia Masjid and Muslim Identity

pp. 60-72

Bandung’s Child

pp. 73-79

Conversations with African Students in China

pp. 80-91

‘Whiny Assholes’ or Creative Hustlers?: On brownness, diaspora fiction, and western publication

pp. 92-106

in middle passage position

pp. 107-108

In/visibility: Solitary confinement, race, and the politics of risk management

pp. 109-123

Drapetomanic Yes I Am

pp. 124-125


pp. 126-139

The Diaspora and a Very Small Place in Africa

pp. 140-152

The Good News, and: Bless the kinky-curl, Bless your heart

pp. 153-154

Burning Bright, Burning Out: The story of poet and anti-apartheid activist Edward Vincent Swart

pp. 155-167

Hospital Patterns

pp. 168-174

The Unbearable Liminality of Blackness: Violence in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave

pp. 175-186

To Break the Cocoon

p. 187

Of Objects, Exhibit Spaces, and Markets: Meschac Gaba’s Museum of Contemporary African Art

pp. 188-200

Notes on Contributors

pp. 201-207