restricted access   Volume 64, Number 3, Winter 2016

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From: Library Trends

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Valuing Librarianship: Core Values in Theory and Practice

Edited by Selinda A. Berg and Heidi LM Jacobs, University of Windsor

Introduction: Valuing Librarianship: Core Values in Theory and Practice

pp. 459-467

Access Is Not Problem Solving: Disability Justice and Libraries

pp. 468-491

The Paradox of Privacy: Revisiting a Core Library Value in an Age of Big Data and Linked Data

pp. 492-511

Empowered to Name, Inspired to Act: Social Responsibility and Diversity as Calls to Action in the LIS Context

pp. 512-532

Tending the Garden of Learning: Lifelong Learning as Core Library Value

pp. 533-555

The Value of Intellectual Freedom in Twenty-First-Century China: Changes, Challenges, and Progress

pp. 556-571

More than Acid-Free Folders: Extending the Concept of Preservation to Include the Stewardship of Unexplored Histories

pp. 572-584

Compliant Trust: The Public Good and Democracy in the ALA’s “Core Values of Librarianship”

pp. 585-603

Valuing Professionalism: Discourse as Professional Practice

pp. 604-614

Advocating for Librarianship: The Discourses of Advocacy and Service in the Professional Identities of Librarians

pp. 615-640