restricted access   Volume 64, Number 2, Fall 2015

Table of Contents

Social Justice in Library and Information Science and Services

Issue Editor: Bharat Mehra


pp. 179-197

Part 1. Concepts and Approaches

Informational Justice: A Conceptual Framework for Social Justice in Library and Information Services

pp. 198-225

Social Justice Research in Library and Information Sciences: A Case for Discourse Analysis

pp. 226-245

Part 2. Library Contexts and Information Services

In Pursuit of Antiracist Social Justice: Denaturalizing Whiteness in the Academic Library

pp. 246-284

Why Do We Need to Bother?: Public Library Services for LGBTQI People

pp. 285-298

Out of Necessity Comes Unbridled Imagination for Survival: Contributive Justice in Spanish Libraries during Economic Crisis

pp. 299-328

Information Technology and School Libraries: A Social Justice Perspective

pp. 329-359

Antiviolence and Marginalized Communities: Knowledge Creation, Community Mobilization, and Social Justice through a Participatory Archiving Approach

pp. 360-383

Part 3. Library and Information Science Education

Advancing an Indigenous Ecology within LIS Education

pp. 384-414

Finding “Diversity Levers” in the Core Library and Information Science Curriculum: A Social Justice Imperative

pp. 415-443

Mix IT Up!: A Blending of Community Informatics and Youth Services Librarianship to Further Social Justice in Library and Information Science Education

pp. 444-457