restricted access   Volume 44, Number 1, January 2016

Table of Contents


Subjects, objects and relativization in Japhug

pp. 1-28

Topic and left periphery in Shanghainese

pp. 29-59

Lexical diffusion in sound change in the dialect of an immigrant community in Dongfeng Village of Linyi City: A preliminary exploration

pp. 60-85

mak54 乜个 and man3 ɲin2 瞞人 in Hakka: A historical and typological perspective

pp. 86-108

Grammatical diversity across the Yue dialects

pp. 109-152

A study of the relation between personal pronouns and demonstrative pronouns in Chinese dialects

pp. 153-174

Review Article

Such errors could have been avoided: Review of Old Chinese: A New Reconstruction

pp. 175-230


A Grammar Of Zoulei, Southwest China by Xia Li, Jinfang Li, and Yongxian Luo (review)

pp. 231-238


Liangdao Man and Austronesian origins

pp. 239-241

The Liangdao skeleton and the dangers of overinterpretation

pp. 242-252


Report of the 7th International Conference in Evolutionary Linguistics

pp. 253-264