restricted access   Volume 27, Number 4, Winter 2015

Table of Contents

Editorial Note

The Ambiguities of Power in Russia, the United States, Japan, and France

pp. 7-12

Debating Sharia: The 1917 Muslim Women’s Congress in Russia

pp. 13-37

“How Come There’s Only Men Up There?”: Catholic Women’s Grassroots Anti-Abortion Activism

pp. 38-61

Following the Money: Wealthy Women, Feminism, and the American Suffrage Movement

pp. 62-87

An International Comparison of Women’s Suffrage: The Cases of Finland and New Zealand in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

pp. 88-111

Cultivating Feminine Affinity: Women, Domesticity, and Cold War Transnationality in the US Military Occupation of Okinawa

pp. 112-136

How Women Make Diplomacy: The British Embassy in Paris, 1815–1841

pp. 137-159

Unusual Frontal Developments: Negotiating the Pregnant Body in Nineteenth-Century America

pp. 160-183

Book Reviews

International Perspectives on Reproductive History

pp. 184-194

Building Identity through Work, Leisure, Migration, and Activism: Latinas in the Twentieth Century

pp. 195-204


pp. 205-207