restricted access   Issue 80, Autumn 2015

Table of Contents


Covered Women?: Veiling in Early Modern Europe

pp. 1-32

What Mary Toft Felt: Women’s Voices, Pain, Power and the Body

pp. 33-51

The Spectacle of Security: Lock-Picking Competitions and the Security Industry in mid-Victorian Britain

pp. 52-74

Children’s Writing and the Popular Press in England 1876–1914

pp. 75-98

Maleficent Witchcraft in Britain since 1900

pp. 99-122

Indochina, ‘Greater France’ and the 1931 Colonial Exhibition in Paris: Angkor Wat in Blue, White and Red

pp. 123-141

Guilty Secrets: Deceit, Denial, and the Discovery of Kenya’s ‘Migrated Archive’

pp. 142-160

Feature: Nursing Madness

The Disappearance of Sophia Frances Hickman, M.D.

pp. 161-182

Murder, Mental Illness, and the Question of Nursing ‘Character’ in Early Twentieth Century England

pp. 183-200

History at Large

Writing Disaster: A Chinese Earthquake and the Pitfalls of Historical Investigation

pp. 201-217

Engaging People in Making History: Impact, Public Engagement and the World Beyond the Campus

pp. 218-233

Sedimented Histories: Connections, Collaborations and Co-production in Regional History

pp. 234-248

Historic Passion

Roads, Runaways and Recollections

pp. 249-257


Urban Regeneration and Community Survival in Postwar Japan

pp. 259-268

Sister, Brother, Other, Same

pp. 268-277

Empire and Anthropology in France

pp. 277-283

The End of a Local Nation?

pp. 283-291

Feminism and Secularization

pp. 291-296

Telling Stories about Class

pp. 296-301

Bosnian Daydreamers

pp. 301-310

Report Back

Gender through the Ages: Growing Up and Growing Old (review)

pp. 311-313

Agents of Internationalism (review)

pp. 313-318


Leonore Davidoff 1932–2014

pp. 319-328

Remembering Leonore Davidoff: Subjectivity in Thicker than Water

pp. 329-334

The History Woman: Joan Thirsk (1922–2013)

pp. 335-341