restricted access   Volume 57, Numbers 2 and 3, Summer-Autumn 2015

Table of Contents

Seeds in the Sand: The Next Generation of Approaches to Understanding the Sonoran Desert and the Gulf of California

Guest Editors: Carolyn O'Meara and Benjamin T. Wilder with additional assistance from Nemer E. Narchi, Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia, Jorge Torre, and Sula Vanderplank

The Continuum of Desert Research

pp. 163-186

Human Dimensions of Research in the Sonoran Desert: Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers

pp. 187-198

The Trooqui Treen: A Seri Truck

pp. 199-212

The La Playa Archaeological Project: Binational Interdisciplinary Research on Long-Term Human Adaptation in the Sonoran Desert

pp. 213-264

The Tumamoc Hill Arts Initiative: A Portfolio of Site-Based Art and Writing Inspired by a History of Sonoran Desert Science

pp. 265-303

Social Constructs, Identity, and the Ecological Consequences of Carne Asada

pp. 305-336

PANGAS: An Interdisciplinary Ecosystem-Based Research Framework for Small-Scale Fisheries in the Northern Gulf of California

pp. 337-390

Assessing the Geological and Climatic Forcing of Biodiversity and Evolution Surrounding the Gulf of California

pp. 391-455

Plant Biotic Interactions in the Sonoran Desert: Conservation Challenges and Future Directions

pp. 457-501

After the Crossing: Afterlives of Found Objects in the Sonoran Desert Borderlands

pp. 503-516

Author Profiles

pp. 517-523