restricted access   Volume 56, Number 6, September 2015

Table of Contents

From the Editor

pp. 533-534


Navigating Guilt, Shame, and Fear of Appearing Racist: A Conceptual Model of Antiracist White Feminist Identity Development

pp. 535-550

The Continuing Significance of Racism in the Lives of Asian American College Students

pp. 551-569

When Being Deaf is Centered: d/Deaf Women of Color’s Experiences With Racial/Ethnic and d/Deaf Identities in College

pp. 570-586

Student Reflective Writing: Cognition and Affect Before, During, and After Study Abroad

pp. 587-601

Wrestling With Expectations: An Examination of How Asian American College Students Negotiate Personal, Parental, and Societal Expectations

pp. 602-618

Research in Brief

Understanding the Role of Openness to Experience in Study Abroad Students

pp. 619-625

Building a Strengths-Based Campus to Support Student Retention

pp. 626-631

Effectiveness of a Career Development Course on Students’ Job Search Skills and Self-Efficacy

pp. 632-636

International Research

A Sociocultural Investigation of Identity: How Students Navigate the Study Abroad Experience

pp. 637-643

Book Reviews

One Size Does Not Fit All: Traditional and Innovative Models of Student Affairs Practice by Kathleen Manning, Jillian Kinzie, and John H. Schuh (review)

pp. 644-645

Women’s Colleges and Universities in a Global Context by Kristen A. Renn (review)

pp. 645-648

Opportunities and Challenges at Historically Black Colleges and Universities by Marybeth Gasman and Felecia Commodore (review)

pp. 648-650