restricted access   Volume 43, Numbers 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 2015

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

pp. 9-13

Introduction: The 1970s

pp. 14-30

Part I - Powerful Sisterhoods

The Power of the First-Person Narrative: Ericka Huggins and the Black Panther Party

pp. 33-51

Lessons in Self-Defense: Gender Violence, Racial Criminalization, and Anticarceral Feminism

pp. 52-71

Red, Black, and Left: Communist Counterdiscourses

pp. 72-75

Summer of the Sisterhood Clinic 1978

pp. 76-77

“To Live a Humanity under the Skin”: Revolutionary Love and Third World Praxis in 1970s Chicana Feminism

pp. 78-97

Part II - Sex, Representation, and the Uses of the Erotic

The Pornoethnography of Boys in the Sand: Fetishisms of Race and Class in the 1970s Gay Fire Island Pines

pp. 101-115

Twentieth Centurions: Screening Gender and Sexuality before the Digital

pp. 116-119

Sex and the Me Decade: Sex and Dating Advice Literature of the 1970s

pp. 120-136

Girlhood: In Cantos

pp. 137-140

Beginning with O: From “In Search of Pure Lust”

pp. 141-148

Part III - New Sounds, New Sights

Nice & Rough: Unapologetically Black, Beautiful, and Bold: A Conversation with Sheila Jackson on Black Women’s Participation in Cultural Production in the 1970s

pp. 151-165

Max’s Unbearable Being 1972

pp. 166-168

New Feminist Approaches to the Study of Race and Sound

pp. 169-174

Programas Sin Vergüenza (Shameless Programs)”: Mapping Chicanas in Community Radio in the 1970s

pp. 175-190

Me Time

pp. 191-192

Madame Queen’s Thievery

pp. 193-200

Part IV - Form and Content: Popular Platforms

Feminism Underground: The Comics Rhetoric of Lee Marrs and Roberta Gregory

pp. 203-222

James Tiptree Jr.: Rereading Essentialism and Ecofeminism in the 1970s

pp. 223-239

Restoring the Clutter of the Everyday

pp. 240-244

How to Survive a Shipwreck, and: In My Mother’s House

pp. 245-246

Of Woman Born to Mommy Blogged: The Journey from the Personal as Political to the Personal as Commodity

pp. 247-264

Annie’s Song

pp. 265-266

The Old Way

pp. 267-268

Part V - Classics Revisited: The Equal Rights Amendment (1972)

The Equal Rights Amendment

p. 271

Equality, Sameness, Difference: Revisiting the Equal Rights Amendment

pp. 272-276

Above the Line

pp. 277-281

A Memory of Struggle

pp. 282-286

ERA’s Legacy Calls for Intersectionality in Words and Action

pp. 287-290

Reflections of a Yellow Pearl Who Found Her Song in Her Own ERA

pp. 291-294

Toward an Emancipatory Citizenship

pp. 295-297

Part VI - Alerts and Provocations

Some of This Actually Happened

pp. 301-305