restricted access   Volume 21, Issue 3, August 2015

Table of Contents


Economy and Humanity

The Humanities Economy

pp. 373-378

Play and Games: Advice for Urban Gaming Simulators

pp. 379-389

How to Succeed in Life: Benjamin Franklin at Business School

pp. 390-398


Peace by Other Means: Symposium on the Role of Ethnography and the Humanities in the Understanding, Prevention, and Resolution of Enmity Part 4

Introduction: A Caveat on Caveats

pp. 399-405

“Half-Trust” and Enmity in Ikland, Northern Uganda

pp. 406-419

What It Betokened: Waiting for Hester in The Scarlet Letter

pp. 420-436

Wounded: Getting On and Off a War Footing

pp. 437-450

Imagining Postnuclear Times

pp. 451-463

The Poetics of Apology: Victimhood, Mutual Self-Implication, and Contingent Forgiveness in the Far East Prisoner of War Novel

pp. 464-483

Punitive Scholarship: Postwar Interpretations of Shinto and Ise Jingū

pp. 484-509


The Anonymous Sayings of the Desert Fathers: A Select Edition and Complete English Translation by John Wortley (review)

pp. 510-511

Sacred Communities, Shared Devotions: Gender, Material Culture, and Monasticism in Late Medieval Germany by June L. Meacham (review)

p. 511

The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere by Pico Iyer (review)

p. 512

Culture and the Death of God by Terry Eagleton (review)

pp. 512-513

The Jewish Teachers of Jesus, James, and Jude: What Earliest Christianity Learned from the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha by David A. deSilva (review)

pp. 513-515

Global Crisis: War, Climatic Change, and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century by Geoffrey Parker (review)

pp. 515-516

On the Abolition of Political Parties by Simone Weil (review)

pp. 516-517

Ezra Pound: Poet: Volume II: The Epic Years, 1921 – 1939 by David Moody (review)

pp. 517-519

Chasing Lost Time: The Life of C. K. Scott Moncrieff: Soldier, Spy, and Translator by Jean Findlay (review)

pp. 519-520

Britain, France, and the Gothic, 1764 – 1820: The Import of Terror by Angela Wright (review)

p. 520

Algerian Chronicles by Albert Camus (review)

p. 521

Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan, 1839 – 42 by William Dalrymple (review)

p. 521

What Animals Teach Us about Politics by Brian Massumi (review)

p. 522

Unlikely Collaboration: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Faÿ, and the Vichy Dilemma by Barbara Will (review)

pp. 522-523

Forgotten Stars: Rediscovering Manilius’ “Astronomica” ed. by Steven J. Green and Katharina Volk (review)

p. 523

The History of Mathematical Proof in Ancient Traditions ed. by Karine Chemla (review)

pp. 524-525

Choruses, Ancient and Modern ed. by Joshua Billings, Felix Budelmann, and Fiona Macintosh (review)

p. 525

History in the Making by J. H. Elliott (review)

pp. 526-527

Children, Memory, and Family Identity in Roman Culture ed. by Véronique Dasen and Thomas Späth (review)

p. 528

The Parthenon Enigma: A Journey into Legend by Joan Breton Connelly (review)

pp. 528-529

The Classics and Colonial India by Phiroze Vasunia (review)

pp. 529-530

The Hebrew Book in Early Modern Italy ed. by Joseph R. Hacker and Adam Shear (review)

p. 530

Präfiguration: Arbeit am politischen Mythos by Hans Blumenberg (review)

pp. 531-532


The Chiliad

pp. 533-541

Owl and Suckling Pig

pp. 542-544


The Last Inn: An Excerpt

pp. 545-553

Notes on Contributors

pp. 554-558