restricted access   Volume 50, Number 3, Summer 2015

Table of Contents


Expand Our Egos to . . . All!

pp. 353-355


Intimate Relations: Psalms and Bhakti Poetry

pp. 356-390

Lived Witness

pp. 391-416

Contraception’s Authority: An Anglican’s Liturgical and Synodical Thought Experiment in Light of ARCUSA’s “Ecclesiology and Moral Discernment”

pp. 417-451

Imagining Mutual Christian Theological Identity: From Apologia to Dialogic Theologizing

pp. 452-472

Rationality and Religious Traditions: An Epistemological Approach to Theology of Religions

pp. 473-493

Book Reviews

Pentecostal Experience: An Ecumenical Encounter by Peter D. Neumann, and: Pneumatology and the Christian-Buddhist Dialogue: Does the Spirit Blow through the Middle Way? by Amos Yong, and: The Holy Spirit and Ch’i (Qi): A Chiological Approach to Pneumatology by Koo Dong Yun (review)

pp. 494-497

Buddhism and Religious Diversity ed. by Perry Schmidt-Leukel (review)

pp. 497-499

Re-membering the Body: The Lord’s Supper and Ecclesial Unity in the Free Church Traditions by Scott W. Bullard, and: Eucharist and Ecumenism: The Eucharist across the Ages and Traditions by Owen F. Cummings, and: God the Spirit: Introducing Pneumatology in Wesleyan and Ecumenical Perspective by Beth Felker Jones, and: A Service of Love: Papal Primacy, the Eucharist, and Church Unity by Paul McPartlan (review)

pp. 500-502

Ecumenical Dynamic: Living in More than One Place at Once by Keith Clements, and: Together towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes, with a Practical Guide ed. by Jooseop Keum, and: Can a Renewal Movement Be Renewed? Questions for the Future of Ecumenism by Michael Kinnamon (review)

pp. 502-504

“I Come from a Pancasila Family”: A Discursive Study on Muslim-Christian Identity Transformation in Indonesian Post-Reformasi Era by Suhadi (review)

pp. 504-505

Coexistence and Reconciliation in Israel: Voices for Interreligious Dialogue ed. by Ronald Kronish (review)

pp. 506-507

Trinity and Revelation by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen (review)

pp. 507-508