restricted access   Volume 19, Number 2, July 2015 (No. 47)

Table of Contents


Forêts del Sur and the Pretexts of Glissant’s Tout-Monde

pp. 1-28

Caresser’s Dominion: Race, Nation, and Calypso in Postwar Canada

pp. 29-55

Rewriting Dr. No in 1962: James Bond and the End of the British Empire in Jamaica

pp. 56-76

Who Was José Esteban Muñoz?

José E. Muñoz’s Critical Caribbean Crossroads

pp. 77-84

“Da pa’ lo’ do’ ”: Rita Indiana’s Queer, Racialized Dominicanness

pp. 85-93

El Caribe on the Horizon: José Esteban Muñoz and the Commitment to Futurity

pp. 94-103

“What Comes after Loss?”: Ana Mendieta after José

pp. 104-110

Literary Competition 2014

Creole Hegemony

pp. 111-119

The Red Thread Cycle

pp. 120-126


pp. 127-137

Neighborhood Watch

pp. 138-142


Caribbean Queer Visualities

pp. 143-165

Book Discussion: Leon Wainwright, Timed Out: Art and the Transnational Caribbean

Timings, Canon, and Art History

pp. 167-176

A Complex Contemporaneity: Caribbean Visual Relations

pp. 177-184

Timed Out: Pathways and Pitfalls for Art History and Caribbean Studies

pp. 185-196


pp. 197-200