restricted access   Volume 18, Issue 3, 2015

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open access   Introduction


The Ethics of Alienation: On the Question of Normalization and the Practice of Capital Defense

Resisting the Discipline of Debt: The Unfulfilled Radicalism of the 2012 Quebec Student Strike

Symposium - The Fragility of Things

Timothy Hanafin and Kellan Anfinson, Editors

open access   Introduction

On the Fragility of Things

Fragile Ensouling: Reading Connolly in Pakistan and Bangladesh

Of an Apocalyptic Tone Recently Adopted in Everything: The Anthropocene or Peak Humanity?

The Fragility of Things and Capacities of the Micro-Political Experiment

Omnipotence and The Fragility of Things: The Cosmopolitics of William Connolly

The Fragility of Things and a General Strike

Podcast - Benjamin's True Stories about Dogs

Ira Allen and Anita Chari, Editors

Dialectical and Comic Reflections: On Translating Benjamin’s Radio Work

True Stories about Dogs, Walter Benjamin


Philosophy’s Rarefied Air: Peden’s Spinoza Contra Phenomenology

Democracy’s Failures and the Art of Losing Causes: Maxwell’s Public Trials

Baldwin’s Queer Politics: Brim’s James Baldwin and the Queer Imagination

Despots, Systematizers, and the Liberal Quandary: Levy’s Rationalism, Pluralism and Freedom

Selective Memories: John Locke, Politics, and Shanks’ Authority Figures