restricted access   Volume 67, Number 2, June 2015

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

pp. v-vi

ASA Presidential Address

The Fun and the Fury of Transforming American Studies

pp. 281-292

The Queer Art of Success: Lisa Duggan’s Fun and Fury

pp. 293-299

A Performative Presidency

pp. 301-307

A Politics Not Yet Known: Imagining Relationality within Solidarity

pp. 309-315


A Transnational Wildlife Drama: Dian Fossey, Popular Environmentalism, and the Origins of Gorilla Tourism

pp. 317-352

Turkey and the United States after World War I: National Memory, Local Categories, and Provincializing the Transnational

pp. 353-376

The Chicano/a Photographic: Art as Social Practice in the Chicano Movement

pp. 377-412

Proletarian Literature from the Bottom Up: Workers and Poetry during the Rise of the CIO

pp. 413-441

“We Must Seek on the Highways the Unconverted”: Kathryn Magnolia Johnson and Literary Activism on the Road

pp. 443-470

Event Review

The 9/11 Memorial Museum and the Remaking of Ground Zero

pp. 471-490

Book Reviews

Ever the Twain Shall Meet: Orientalism and American Studies

pp. 491-503

Hemispheric Histories of Violence and the Modern Subject

pp. 505-515

Guns, Death, and Better Tomorrows: New Work on Black Militancy

pp. 517-528

Necrocracy in America: American Studies Begins to Address Fossil Fuels and Climate Change

pp. 529-540


pp. 541-544