restricted access   Volume 21, Issue 2, April 2015

Table of Contents


On Fragmentation, Coherence, and Intelligibility

How Periods Erase History

pp. 177-183

Well-Informed Ignorance

pp. 184-189


Peace by Other Means: Symposium on the Role of Ethnography and the Humanities in the Understanding, Prevention, and Resolution of Enmity Part 3

Introduction: A Motto for Moral Diplomacy

pp. 190-195

Practicing Harmony Ideology: Ethnographic Reflections on Community and Coercion

pp. 196-235

Suspicions of Peace in Medieval Christian Discourse

pp. 236-252

Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Its Discontents in Aeschylus’s Eumenides

pp. 253-263

Huaorani Peace: Cultural Continuity and Negotiated Alterity in the Ecuadorian Amazon

pp. 270-305

Lyric Cosmopolitanism in a Postsocialist Borderland

pp. 305-326

Little Reviews

Shklovsky: Witness to an Era by Serena Vitale (review)

pp. 327-328

The Throne of Adulis: Red Sea Wars on the Eve of Islam by G. W. Bowersock (review)

pp. 328-329

The Hall of Uselessness: Collected Essays by Simon Leys (review)

pp. 329-330

The Communist Horizon by Jodi Dean (review)

pp. 330-331

Solitary Confinement: Social Death and Its Afterlives by Lisa Guenther (review)

pp. 331-332

Pacifists in Chains: The Persecution of Hutterites during the Great War by Duane C. S. Stoltzfus (review)

pp. 332-333

Aisha’s Cushion: Religious Art, Perception, and Practice in Islam by Jamal Elias (review)

p. 333

Christians, Muslims, and Jesus by Mona Siddiqui (review)

p. 334

The Medieval Haggadah: Art, Narrative, and Religious Imagination by Marc Michael Epstein (review)

pp. 334-335

Fragments and Assemblages: Forming Compilations of Medieval London by Arthur Bahr (review)

p. 335

The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for James Joyce’s “Ulysses” by Kevin Birmingham (review)

pp. 336-337

Stanley Cavell and the Claim of Literature by David Rudrum (review)

pp. 337-338

A World without Why by Raymond Geuss (review)

pp. 338-339

Thomas Aquinas: A Portrait by Denys Turner (review)

pp. 339-340

Probably Approximately Correct: Nature’s Algorithms for Learning and Prospering in a Complex World by Leslie Valiant (review)

p. 340

Children in the Roman Empire: Outsiders Within by Christian Laes (review)

p. 341

The Temptation of Despair: Tales of the 1940s by Werner Sollors (review)

pp. 341-342

Art and the Second World War by Monica Bohm-Duchen (review)

pp. 342-343

The Black Russian by Vladimir Alexandrov (review)

p. 344

The Medieval Salento: Art and Identity in Southern Italy by Linda Safran (review)

pp. 344-345

Image and Myth: A History of Pictorial Narration in Greek Art by Luca Giuliani (review)

pp. 345-346

God, Space, and City in the Roman Imagination by Richard Jenkyns (review)

pp. 346-347

Winckelmann and the Invention of Antiquity: Aesthetics and History in the Age of Altertumswissenschaft by Katherine Harloe (review)

p. 347

Mute Poetry, Speaking Pictures by Leonard Barkan (review)

pp. 347-348

My Silver Planet by Daniel Tiffany (review)

p. 348

Les Solidarités Mystérieuses by Pascal Quignard (review)

pp. 349-350

Poetry and Fiction

Five Poems

pp. 351-355

The Man Who Missed Trains

pp. 356-366

Notes on Contributors

pp. 367-371