restricted access   Volume 18, Issue 2, 2015

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From: Theory & Event

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Preface: On Hosting

Symposium – Breaking the Rules: Gender, Power, and Politics in the Films of Lars von Trier
Lori J. Marso and Bonnie Honig, Editors

Introduction: Lars von Trier and the “Clichés of Our Times”

“I know what has to happen”: Tragedy in Lars von Trier’s Medea

“Out Like a Lion”: Melancholia with Euripides and Winnicott

The Gravity of Melancholia: A Critique of Speculative Realism

Black Suns and a Bright Planet: Lars von Trier’s Melancholia as Thought Experiment

A Philopoetic Engagement: Deleuze and The Element of Crime

“Young Americans”: Rancière and Bowie in Dogville

Evils of Representation: Werewolves, Pessimism, and Realism in Europa and Melancholia

Blind Spots and Double Vision: National and Individual Fantasy in Dancer in the Dark

Three Emancipations: Manderlay, Slavery, and Racialized Freedom

Sharing in What Death Reveals: Breaking the Waves with Bataille

Broken by God: Fate and Divine Intervention in Breaking the Waves

Comic Rules: Kierkegaard, The Idiots, and the Politics of Dogma 95

The Suffering Spectator?: Perversion and Complicity in Antichrist and Nymphomaniac

Must We Burn Lars von Trier?: Simone de Beauvoir’s Body Politics in Antichrist

The Nymph Shoots Back: Agamben, Nymphomaniac, and the Feel of the Agon

Face Value: Von Trier, Bowie, Kanye

An Invitation from Lars von Trier: First TV Interview since the Cannes Press Conference; with Martin Krasnik, Danish journalist


Mixed Emotions: Beyond Fear and Hatred in International Conflict by Wendy Pearlman (review)

Hunting as Techniques of Governing: Chamayou’s Manhunts, and Fassin’s Enforcing Order

Active Tolerance – A Necessary Counterpart to Urban Renewal: Tønder’s Tolerance

The Persistence of Melodrama: Affective Politics Post-9/11 and Anker’s Orgies of Feeling

Listening to the Noise of the Multitude: On Siisiäinen’s Foucault and the Politics of Hearing