restricted access   Volume 61, Number 1, January 2015

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Moral Disengagement and Aggression in Children and Youth

Guest Editors: Shelley Hymel and Sonja Perren

Consulting Editors

p. viii

Introduction to the Special Issue: Moral Disengagement and Aggression in Children and Youth

pp. 1-9

The Moderating Role of Empathic Concern and Perspective Taking on the Relationship Between Moral Disengagement and Aggression

pp. 10-29

Emotion Regulation and Negative Emotionality Moderate the Effects of Moral (Dis)Engagement on Aggression

pp. 30-50

Moral Disengagement Moderates the Link Between Psychopathic Traits and Aggressive Behavior Among Early Adolescents

pp. 51-67

The Nature of the Association Between Moral Neutralization and Aggression: A Systematic Test of Causality in Early Adolescence

pp. 68-84

The Chicken and the Egg: Longitudinal Associations Between Moral Deficiencies and Bullying: A Parallel Process Latent Growth Model

pp. 85-100

The Role of Moral Disengagement in the Associations Between Children’s Social Goals and Aggression

pp. 101-123

Emotions of Moral Disengagement, Class Norms, and Bullying in Adolescence: A Multilevel Approach

pp. 124-143

A Longitudinal Study of the Associations Between Moral Disengagement and Active Defending Versus Passive Bystanding During Bullying Situations

pp. 144-172

Like Father, Like Son?: The Link Between Parents’ Moral Disengagement and Children’s Externalizing Behaviors

pp. 173-191

Moral Disengagement and Aggression: Comments on the Special Issue

pp. 192-211