restricted access   Volume 26, Number 4, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Indigenous Performance 2

pp. vii-viii

Performance Essay

Inside the Machine: Indigeneity, Subversion, and the Academy

pp. 1-18


From Father to Son: Affirming Lakota Manhood in Luther Standing Bear’s My People the Sioux

pp. 19-38

The Politics of Make-Believe: Dissimulation and Reciprocity in David Treuer’s The Translation of Dr. Apelles

pp. 39-58

Review Essay

The Wedding of Pocahontas and John Rolfe: How to Keep the Thrill Alive after Four Hundred Years of Marriage

pp. 59-77

Book Reviews

That Dream Shall Have a Name: Native Americans Rewriting America by David L. Moore (review)

pp. 78-82

The Island of the Anishnaabeg: Thunderers and Water Monsters in the Traditional Ojibwe Life-World by Theresa S. Smith (review)

pp. 82-85

Finding a Way to the Heart: Feminist Writings on Aboriginal and Women’s History in Canada ed. by Robin Jarvis Brownlie, Valerie J. Korinek (review)

pp. 85-89

Scalping Columbus and Other Damn Indian Stories: Truths, Half-Truths, and Outright Lies by Adam Fortunate Eagle (review)

pp. 89-91

Women and Ledger Art: Four Contemporary Native American Artists by Richard Pearce (review)

pp. 91-95

For King and Kanata: Canadian Indians and the First World War by Timothy C. Winegard (review)

pp. 95-98

Contributor Biographies

pp. 99-101