free access   Volume 52, Number 1, Fall 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue
Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary

free access   For Mrs. Daisy Harris Wade: (April 22, 1931–October 29, 2014)

p. 6

free access   “Local People, Moving Forward”: Commemorating Freedom Summer for Generations Past, Present, and Yet Unborn

pp. 7-11

free access   The Conference

p. 12

free access   “If It Ain’t Local, It Ain’t Real!”: The 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer at Southern Miss

pp. 13-31

free access   Education for Liberation: Conference Keynote Address: Friday, 20 June 2014

pp. 32-42

free access   Historical Reflection at Fifty

p. 43

free access   Unsung Heroes of 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer

pp. 44-50

free access   Images from Freedom Summer, 1964

pp. 51-63

free access   Listening to Freedom’s Voices: Forty-Four Years of Documenting the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement

pp. 64-78

free access   “I Just Had a Fire!”: An Interview with Dorie Ann Ladner

pp. 79-110

free access   Teaching in Freedom Summer, Teaching About Freedom Summer

p. 111

free access   Teaching Freedom Summer

pp. 112-114

free access   “A Stalking Horse for the Civil Rights Movement”: Head Start and the Legacy of the Freedom Schools

pp. 115-133

free access   “It’s Open Season on Negroes”: Teaching the Past, Present, and Future of the Black Freedom Struggle

pp. 134-147

free access   The “Freedom Summer” Journalism Workshop at Southern Miss: Using Living History to Teach Multimedia Journalism to High School Students

pp. 148-154

free access   Freedom Summer and Its Legacies in the Classroom

pp. 155-172

free access   Literature of the Movement

p. 173

free access   What Are These Bodies Doing in the River?: Freedom Summer and the Cultural Imagination

pp. 174-178

free access   Presenting Our Bodies, Laying Our Case: The Political Efficacy of Grief and Rage during the Civil Rights Movement in Alice Walker’s Meridian

pp. 179-195

free access   Literature of the Movement

p. 196

free access   “Living Proof of Something So Terrible”: Pearl Cleage’s Bourbon at the Border and the Politics of Civil Rights History and Memory

pp. 197-214

free access   We Were All Pioneers: A Discussion with Simeon Booker

pp. 215-223

free access   Bibliography: Freedom Summer in the Cultural Imagination

pp. 224-225

free access   Literature of the Movement

p. 226

free access   The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi ed. by Ted Ownby (review)

pp. 227-230

free access   This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible by Charles E. Cobb (review)

pp. 231-234

free access   Literature of the Movement

p. 235

free access   Notes on Contributors

pp. 236-239

free access   The Conference Program: The “Freedom Summer 1964–2014 Conference” Program

pp. 240-243

free access   Freedom Summer, 1964–2014 Conference Planning Committee Members

pp. 244-246

free access   The Freedom Summer Housing Project: A Service-Learning Collaboration for USM Students, Faculty, Staff, and the Residents of Palmers Crossing

pp. 247-249

free access   Honor Roll of Freedom Summer Participants

pp. 250-251