restricted access   Volume 31, Number 2, Fall 2014

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Global Encounters in Southeast Asian Performing Arts

Guest Editor: Matthew Isaac Cohen with the assistance of Kirsten Broekman, Chua Soo Pong, Catherine Diamond, and William Peterson

From the Editor

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Introduction: Global Encounters in Southeast Asian Performing Arts

pp. 353-368

No More Masterpieces: Tangible Impacts and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Bordered Worlds

pp. 369-398

Filipino Folk Dance in the Academy: Embodied Research in the Work of Francesca Reyes Aquino, Sally Ann Ness, and Benildanze

pp. 399-416

Seri Wangnaitham’s Phuchanasibtid and the Modernization of Thai Traditional Theatre

pp. 417-438

Buddhism and Thai Comic Performance

pp. 439-456

Looking to the Future: Training a New Generation for Balinese Arja

pp. 457-480

Wayang Hip Hop: Java’s Oldest Performance Tradition Meets Global Youth Culture

pp. 481-504

Contemporary Wayang Beber in Central Java

pp. 505-523

From Ritual Form to Tourist Attraction: Negotiating the Transformation of Classical Cambodian Dance in a Changing World

pp. 524-544

To Randai or Not to Randai

pp. 545-557

Dama Orchestra’s Shidaiqu Recontextualized in Theatre

pp. 558-573

Whither Rama in the Clear-Cut Forest: Ecodramaturgy in Southeast Asia

pp. 574-593


Lighting Spectacles in East and Southeast Asia

pp. 594-605

Founder of the Field

Frank Hoff (1932–2013)

pp. 606-611

Performance Review

Double Nora by Ueda Kuniyoshi, Mori Mitsuya, and Tsumura Reijirō (review)

pp. 612-616

Book Reviews

A Continuous Revolution: Making Sense of Cultural Revolution Culture by Barbara Mittler (review)

pp. 617-620

South Asian Festivals on the Move ed. by Ute Hüsken Axel Michaels (review)

pp. 620-622

Dramatic Action in Greek Tragedy and Noh: Reading with and Beyond Aristotle by Mae J. Smethurst (review)

pp. 622-625

Hijikata: Revolt of the Body by Stephen Barber (review)

pp. 625-628

Supernatural Beings from Japanese Noh Plays of the Fifth Group: Parallel Translations with Running Commentary by Chifumi Shimazaki and Stephen Comee (review)

pp. 628-631

Another Stage: Kanze Nobumitsu and the Late Muromachi Noh Theater by Lim Beng Choo (review)

pp. 631-635

Shadow Woman: The Extraordinary Career of Pauline Benton by Grant Hayter-Menzies (review)

pp. 635-637

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